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Defying the World, North Korea Launches Rocket

NK rocket launchDespite being warned to not launch its rocket, North Korea defied the world on Sunday and fired the long-range Taepodong-2 rocket, which signals the rogue state’s determination to disregard world leaders. That the rocket reportedly did not attain orbiting altitude before it crashed into the Pacific is irrelevant.

Last month, North Korea claimed it would launch a communications satellite for peaceful and scientific purposes. No one believed that claim, of course. What the world should believe, however, is that North Korea will continue to develop and test its ballistic missile capabilities.

Did our president have something to say about the launch? According to the New York Times, he’s calling for new U.N. sanctions and American nuclear disarmament. He also said North Korea’s rocket could be used as a long-range ballistic missile, and there’s need for “action.” He added that violating countries “must be punished.” It remains to be seen whether President Obama really believes that words “must mean something.”

As always, the U.S. will set the tone on how to deal with North Korea’s defiance. Let’s hope our president stands firm against the rogue state’s intent to develop nuclear weapons

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