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Mitt Romney Speaks at Heritage

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney, former Republican candidate for president, spoke at the Heritage Foundation on Monday. He criticized President Barack Obama’s missile defense cuts, especially in the wake of North Korea’s defiance. An excerpt:

“Freedom is threatened not just by those who aspire to world leadership, but also by the rogue and malevolent. North Korea has made it abundantly clear that they are not only intent on perfecting nuclear weapons, but they are contemptuous of the concerns of the United States and the world at large. It was no accident that they launched their missile while the President was addressing nuclear non-proliferation, and executed their nuclear test to coincide with Memorial Day. The message is clear: the on-again, off-again talks and diplomacy and agreements have been nothing but stalling maneuvers. While diplomats celebrate yet another agreement, convinced that all their work has made the world safer, North Korea continues down the nuclear path Kim Jong Il has long pursued.

“Arrogant, delusional tyrants can not be stopped by earnest words and furrowed brows. Action, strong bold action coming from a position of strength and determination, is the only effective deterrent.”

The speech was titled, “The Care of Freedom,” and you may read the full text at the Heritage blog.

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