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Steve Groves: What Effect Will START Have On U.S. Missile Defense?

The Heritage Foundation‘s Steve Groves blogged that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is holding two hearings this week to discuss the new START.

“These hearings may be the best chance Senators will have to publicly inquire what effect the New START will have on the U.S. missile defense program,” Groves wrote on The Foundry blog. “In the first hearing, on Tuesday, June 15, the Committee will hear testimony from two key U.S. negotiators for the New START, Rose Gottemoeller, the Assistant Secretary of State for Verification and Compliance, and Edward L. Warner III, the Pentagon’s representative for the negotiations. The Committee will have the opportunity at the second hearing, on Wednesday, June 16, to hear from Pentagon officials, including Lieutenant General Patrick J. O’Reilly, the Director of the Missile Defense Agency.”

In March, Baker Spring suggested several questions the committee should ask, including whether the treaty limits U.S. missile options, whether it limits U.S. strategic strike systems, and whether the Obama administration will modernize and test U.S. strategic nuclear force. (Source)

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