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James Carafano: “Why do Republicans trust Gates?”

The Heritage Foundation’s James Carafano, blogging at Big Peace, writes about his skepticism over Defense Secretary Robert Gates supporting the new START. Missile defense experts and others are concerned that the president has compromised our nation’s security to obtain Russia’s cooperation in dealing with Iran.

“When Republican presidential aspirant Mitt Romney went off on the White House, the White House noticed,” Carafano writes. “In a withering column in the Washington Post, Romney labeled the New START arms control agreement ‘Obama’s Worst Foreign Policy Mistake.’ That did not sit well with Obama. The administration has been trying to fast-track Senate ratification of the treaty. The president’s concern over the Romney speed-bump is apparent. Mr. Obama quickly dispatched Defense Secretary Robert Gates to launch what The Hill dubbed  ‘a 2012 proxy fight with Mitt Romney.'”

The move had a limited pay-off, says Carafano. Republicans apparently are swayed by Gates’s support of START. The question is, “Why do Republicans trust Gates?”

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