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Protecting America in the New Missile Age


33 Minutes and START

As the U.S. Senate deliberates whether to ratify START, Americans should be more concerned than ever about strong and comprehensive missile defense. As Baker Spring noted in his Heritage backgrounder, deterring nuclear strikes from rogue nations must go beyond the Cold War-era retaliation strategy and President Barack Obama’s present-day nuclear disarmament strategy.

Nuclear threats in Iran and North Korea are growing, and the U.S. must have the flexibility to develop and implement a defense strategy that isn’t hamstrung by agreements with Russia. The former Soviet Union agreed to sell S-300 missiles to Iran before announcing that the deal was included under sanctions against Iran.

In light of missile defense experts’ concerns about START, we invite them and readers to watch the Heritage Foundation’s high-definition, one-hour documentary, “33 Minutes: Protecting America in the New Missile Age.” The documentary explains the history of missile defense, the present global nuclear threat, and what the U.S. must do to protect itself and the world. This film serves as a wake-up call to complacency and apathy. View the trailer below.

Visit the film’s YouTube channel.

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