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James Carafano: Do Polled Americans Understand START?

The Heritage Foundation’s James Carafano comments on a national poll featured on CNN. The poll showed that three out of four Americans want Congress to ratify START.

Carafano asks whether the people polled really understand the treaty, and suggests five questions CNN didn’t ask but should have asked:

“Question #1. Would you support a treaty that requires the US to cut more weapons and launchers than the Russians; allows them to actually build more launchers, allows Russia to modernize when Obama has already said he will not build modern nuclear weapons, and leaves Russia with many times more nuclear ones than the US? (hint: Russia has an estimated 10 to 1 advantage in tactical nuclear weapons that is not covered by the treaty)

“Question #2. Would you support a treaty that requires the US to share sensitive missile defense information with Russia, information that might be passed to Iran to help them plan how to defeat US missile defenses? (hint the treaty could require sharing telemetry test data with Russia)

“Question #3 Do you think an independent commission not accountable to the US government should be able to dictate limits to missile defense? (hint that is in the treaty too)

“Question #4 Would you vote for a treaty with 12 major flaws in it? (hint-want to guess how many major flaws there are in New START?)

“Question #5 Would you want a treaty that, despite the White House claims to the opposite, could actually result in more nuclear states and an increased likelihood of nuclear war?

“If CNN had included these questions, Americans who are interested in protecting and defending America and understand the importance of Missile Defense might well have voted very differently.”

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