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Heritage Action’s Tim Chapman pens an op-ed for Politico on why John Kerry is clueless about START. Kerry, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, claimed there was “no substantive disagreement” between Republicans and Democrats on START. Even the most uninformed person knows that’s not true. Republican senators have publicly expressed their substantive disagreements with START. Chapman reports that newly elected senator Roy Blunt will reveal a letter from his fellow newly elected senators demanding to study and consider the treaty before a vote.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama is hoping for another “victory” for his administration, pushing the Senate to ratify START now or next Congress. According to the LA Times, Obama called this treaty, with its numerous problems, a “national security imperative.”

Senator Richard Lugar, a Republican, sides with Democrats on START. According to Politico, he wants the Senate to vote on START now. Senator Jon Kyl, lead Republican negotiator on START ratification, holds a different view. He opposes lame-duck voting and prefers to wait until the new Congress.

The Heritage Foundation’s Owen Graham blogs about issues that must be addressed before senators vote on START at The Foundry. For example, although the Obama administration denies the treaty restricts our missile defense, Republican senators believe otherwise.

“Moreover, the lack of verification measures, supporters of the treaty argue, is increasing instability and uncertainty between the two major nuclear powers. Yet this is the result of the Administration’s own actions. The White House did not move to take advantage of a five-year extension clause under START I and instead insisted on negotiating a separate agreement. At the time, the Administration justified its approach by saying that it was more important to get the treaty right rather than get the treaty soon.”

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