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James Carafano in Family Security Matters

An excerpt of James Carafano’s column about START ratification at Family Security Matters:

“When the President declared that he was going to go after his ‘enemies’—meaning members of Congress who did not agree with him—he must have really meant it. The hottest news item of the week, last week, was the Administration’s all out assault on Senators who have dared to question the President’s negotiating skills.
“Sen. Jon Kyl (R–AZ) released a press statement finding that there was more work to be done on the New START nuclear deal with Russia and that rushing consideration in lame duck was ill-advised. That triggered a tsunami-assault of arm-twisting, grand-standing, threatening, and bullying we have not seen from the White House since Obamacare.

“On the one hand, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John F. Kerry (D–MA) claimed there was something akin to universal bipartisan support for the treaty even as the White House attacked Republicans for trying to deny the President a foreign policy ‘victory’ for partisan purposes.

“One hysterical claim argued that if New START is not approved terrorists will be able to get Russian nuclear weapons. Of course, such an assertion neglects to note that the 10,000 tactical nuclear weapons terrorists might want are not covered by New START.

“Another White House claim declared this is what Ronald Reagan would want, even though Reagan would never sign a treaty that compromised missile defense. And still another argument put forth was that the interests of Israel would suffer—a surprise comment from an Administration that gives short shrift to that embattled nation.

“One assistant secretary exclaimed no one of ‘pedigree’ opposes the treaty—apparently missing the op-ed last week by a former CIA director who was also an arms control negotiator. He raised concerns and I am sure will be disappointed to discover that he has no pedigree. Sen. Kyl will be disappointed to find he has no pedigree either.”

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