Ayatollah nuclear bombs

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The Ayatollah and Nuclear Bombs

What Are the Ayatollah's Plans for Nuclear Bombs?
For the past several years, the lack of strong sanctions on Iran has allowed the country to continue its efforts at obtaining nuclear bombs. The UN's lack of action has allowed for action by the Ayatollah to continue developing its nuclear weapon program. Iran has always maintained that their nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes, to create energy for the country. However, the facts don't add up. Iran has one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world. They waste enough natural gas each year to generate four 1,000-megawatt nuclear reactor's worth of electricity. The Ayatollah wants nuclear bombs, not electricity. It is clear that the country doesn't need nuclear power plants because of their abundant natural gas resources.

Iran has a heavy-water reactor, which can produce large amounts of plutonium suitable for nuclear weapons development. They also have a nuclear-enrichment facility capable of producing a basic ingredient for developing nuclear weapons, uranium hexafluoride. Iran is spending way too much money on their nuclear program for it to only be used for peaceful energy.

Additional round of tough sanctions needs to be imposed now to stop Iran from developing their nuclear weapons. The inaction of the Security Council is allowing Iran to continue to develop the technology necessary to produce a nuclear weapon unchecked. Soon, they will have their nuke, and the world will be a much less stable environment because of it. The U.S., NATO, and Israel will be in certain danger if Iran is allowed to obtain nuclear weapons. Other countries such as Syria and Saudi will seek out nuclear weapons for their own security. It will create a very unstable world if the Ayatollah gains nuclear bombs.

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