Ballistic Missile Warning

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Ballistic Missile Warning

Effective Missile Defense the Answer to Ballistic Missile Warning
There is a ballistic missile warning to the United States and its allies around the world. The problem is that there are countries with nuclear weapons capabilities and that list is growing. The ballistic missile warning is that at any time, there are a host of nations that could launch, either intentionally or accidentally, a nuclear equipped ballistic missile toward a target in the U.S. or within the countries of one of its allies. The only real effective way to eliminate the ballistic missile threat is to have multiple missile defense installations throughout the U.S., in Europe, along the Pacific in Asia, and possibly other parts of the world. It is clear that there are already many nations with nuclear weapons and many more seeking them. As more and more countries obtain them, the likelihood of a launch or accidental launch grows tremendously.

Countries hostile to the U.S. are working hard at either looking for buyers of their technology or developing their own with other countries knowledge. The one thing that is very real is the nuclear ballistic missile warning that the U.S. should be taking very seriously.

Pakistan's Instability and the Ballistic Missile Warning
This instability forces the world to wonder exactly how secure are Pakistan's nuclear assets? Will they sell their nuclear technology, or give it to terrorist groups or rogue nations hostile to the U.S.?

Iran's Aggressive Nuclear Program Sounding a Ballistic Missile Warning
Not only is Iran aggressively working toward developing their own nuclear weapon, they are working with countries like North Korea on refining and building up their ballistic missile capabilities. They are no doubt seeking two and three stage ballistic missiles which would be capable of reaching any target within the entire United States. Their goals are to produce their own nuclear missiles, and lots of them. Their objectives should be taken very seriously by the entire world. There is no doubt that once Iran does have a nuclear weapon, they will use it as leverage against anyone that would stand in their way. Furthermore, there is a great possibility they would actually use the weapon against their enemies, primarily Israel and the United States. Unfortunately, Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, and possibly others have been assisting Iran in their quest with providing uranium, ballistic missile technology, or nuclear weapons technology.

North Korea Still a Major Ballistic Missile Warning Threat
North Korea has nuclear weapons despite the terrible conditions the country is in and how badly its citizens suffer. North Korea has no issues with selling their nuclear technology or ballistic missile technology to whoever wishes to purchase them. Iran has been a willing taker. North Korea's nuclear proliferation efforts have not gone unnoticed. The U.S. is fully aware of North Korea's assistance to Iran in their nuclear ambitions. North Korea also boasts that they have the capability to deliver a nuclear missile to the Western U.S. As a result, there are missile defense sites along the Pacific to intercept a North Korean missile if one should ever be launched. The ballistic missile threat is real with North Korea and should be taken very seriously. Their unstable leadership may have no reservations to sending a missile to destroy an American city.

How Does China Figure into the Ballistic Missile Warning
China has advanced nuclear weapons and there is every reason to believe they have a large amount of them. China also has laser, electromagnetic pulse, and shock bombs that can all be used to target space-based assets of the United States or any other country. At present, the U.S. and China have a fairly stable relationship. However, China is a growing superpower, and they will seek to gain more prominence on the world stage as time goes by. The U.S. has confirmed that China has targeted some of its space-based assets with lasers, proving that they have the means to take them down. It also shows the U.S. that they would use this level of technology first if there were ever any type of conflict between the two countries.

The ballistic missile warning is real for the United States. There are a host of countries with nuclear weapons and others seeking them that do not have any reservations to using those weapons against the U.S. Find out in more detail how missile defense is a major defensive weapons the U.S. needs to deploy throughout the country to protect its citizens in the article, "America Needs an Effective Defense Against Missile Attack". The time is getting shorter for America to have vital missile defense systems in place. Will the country be ready?