Consequences of a Nuclear War

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What are Some Consequences of a Nuclear War?

What Are Some of the Consequences of a Nuclear War?
The obvious consequences of a nuclear war are devastation and destruction for miles surrounding the initial blast zone for any nuclear warhead. Everything in the path will be eliminated, much of it vaporized, including all life. Radiation from nuclear bombs will cause death on a massive scale following the initial blast from nuclear missiles. Long term cancer risks associated with radiation exposure are considerable for those who do survive. Surviving individuals of radiation exposure can also count on suppressed immune systems.

The fears of radiation will have psychological effects that will cause mass evacuations, create economic chaos, and inflict environmental and property damage with tremendous cleanup costs. It is unlikely that the consequences of a nuclear war could be overcome for decades�maybe never.

Food supplies would be destroyed and unusable. Livestock exposed to radiation would be contaminated and could not be consumed. Plants and vegetables, if they were not destroyed, would be unusable for anything, especially food, due to the radiation exposure. Water would be contaminated and unusable. The consequences of a nuclear war would also include mass starvation and famine, as food supplies around the world would cease to exist or would be so contaminated it could not be eaten. If people chose to eat the contaminated food, they would die from the radiation in the food.

Find out what the real consequences of a nuclear war would be for the world. Specifically, look into the details of what a dirty bomb would do to a major city within the U.S. upon detonation and for the days after. Discover what preparatory stops can be taken to minimize the damages after such an attack. Read the article, "Dealing with Dirty Bombs:  Plain Facts, Practical Solutions"  HERE.