Countries with Nuclear Weapons

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What Are Some of the Worst Countries with Nuclear Weapons?

Worst Countries with Nuclear Weapons
Like it or not, entire regions of the world remain afflicted with the scourge of international terrorism, including countries with nuclear weapons. Dangerous terrorist organizations are still very active in Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Americas. Britain, France and Jordan have narrowly averted serious terrorist attacks with chemical weapons. Will nuclear weapons be next?

Al Qaeda allegedly has been attempting to acquire highly enriched uranium-and even nuclear weapons-from former Soviet republics. Former CIA Director Porter Goss has testified that al Qaeda might already possess radioactive material from Russia or its former republics. Radical leaders sympathetic to al Qaeda have issued fatwas approving use of weapons of mass destruction against the United States

Such attacks are not just aimed at the West. Al Qaeda and others have declared their intention to overthrow more moderate Muslim regimes from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia to Indonesia. Hezbollah in southern Lebanon possesses aerial drones that can deliver warheads, and Hamas in Gaza has rockets and short-range missiles. Other radical Palestinian organizations have hot air balloons and hang gliders capable of delivering lethal payloads.

Iran and Pakistan have been especially hospitable to terrorists as well as to individuals such as A.Q. Kahn, who supplied nuclear technology to rogue states including North Korea, Libya and Iran. Experts warn especially of corruption as a potential opening for the worst possible individuals to get their hands on the worst possible weapons.

The article "Preventing a Nightmare Scenario: Terrorist Attacks Using Russian Nuclear Weapons and Materials"  explains steps that must be taken to prevent a worst-case scenario.