Does Iran Have Nuclear Weapons

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Does Iran Have Nuclear Weapons

Does Iran Have Nuclear Weapons? Not Yet, But Soon.
For the past several years, the question has been, does Iran have nuclear weapons or are they developing them? The answer to the question is, no, they don't have nuclear weapons yet, but they are developing the technology to get them a nuclear warhead. Iran has spent the past few years thumbing their noses at the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), who is trying to keep tabs on what nuclear development is going on inside Iran. The question, does Iran have nuclear weapons, is one that is about to be answered with a "yes" unless immediate steps are taken to prevent this.

Some facts are known which lead us to believe that Iran is aggressively pursuing their nuclear program, not for peaceful energy, but for a bomb. Iran is suspected of conducting high explosives testing with exploding bridgewire detonators and detonator firing units which could be used to trigger a nuclear warhead. Furthermore, Iran is accused of developing underground explosives testing facilities. Upon investigation, the IAEA has found a document in Iran relating to uranium metal. This document outlines in great detail the procedures for machining highly enriched uranium metal into a hemispherical shape. This is a necessary part to developing rounded pits used in implosion-type nuclear warheads. As late as November, 2008, Iran has been testing medium-range ballistic missiles with a range of up to 1,200 miles. The IAEA has already found Iran in the process of modifying the payload area of the Shahab-3 medium-range missile to accommodate a re-entry vehicle that could accept a nuclear warhead.

The facts are all there. Does Iran have nuclear weapons? No, but the day when they will have them is fast approaching unless immediate measures are taken by the IAEA, the UN, and NATO to stop Iran's present course. If they are allowed to develop nuclear weapons, the world will suddenly become much more unstable. Other nations close to Iran will aggressively seek to obtain their own nuclear weapons. Iran will become the bully of the region, and that is a recipe for disaster.

Read more about Iran's quest for nuclear weapons in the article, IAEA Indicts Iran: Nuclear Innocence Claim is Strongly Contested HERE. The world cannot afford to allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. It will greatly de-stabilize the region and will post immediate threats to the U.S., its forces, and its allies in the Middle East.