European Missile Defense Installations

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European Missile Defense Installations

European Missile Defense Installations, Not a New Idea
The plan to have European missile defense installations, to protect not only the United States but European countries as well, is not a new idea or plan of action. In fact, the idea goes back to World War II when Churchill first envisioned a comprehensive missile defense system. During WWII, the Nazi's used their V-2 rockets to bring death and destruction throughout London. The use of pilot-less rockets to attack London showed the world that deadly results could take place without ever committing troops. Immediately, the free countries of Europe realized the need for a European missile defense installation of some type throughout the region.

Why the Need for European Missile Defense Installations Today?
Today, the problem of containing missiles from hostile countries and rogue states throughout Europe has only grown. Countries such as Iran and North Korea, along with non-state participants such as Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah, can not be trusted as to whether they will or will not try to attack other countries and states throughout Europe and the Middle Eastern region. With various missile tests already completed by both North Korea and Iran involving missiles capable of reaching lands far from their own, the establishment of European missile defense installations should be a high priority in today's ballistic missile landscape. North Korea has nuclear weapons and vehicles to deliver these weapons. Iran does have a nuclear program, although they have repeatedly denied they are developing nuclear weapons, only nuclear power. However, due to the sanctions that have been imposed on them by the United Nations, it appears that the intent is more than just nuclear power.

These are a couple reasons why European missile defense installations are essential in today's world. The threat of acts of terrorism and/or acts of aggression by unfriendly countries or states is not just an American problem, it is a European one as well. Europe needs a missile defense shield to protect it's citizens and the world beyond the region. It is both responsible and required as more and more radical extremist groups obtain weapons of mass destruction and possibly nuclear weapons including dirty bombs. Europe and the rest of the world cannot afford to sit and wait until an act of terrorism on this scale takes place before acting.

The Development of European Missile Installations in Poland and Czech Republic
In planning right now are up to 10 long-range ground-based missile defense interceptors in Poland and a mid-course radar in the Czech Republic. These defense installations could strengthen Europe's security against the growing Middle Eastern threats of violence through missile attack. Furthermore, this plan not only allows America to protect itself, but extends that level of protection to European allies.

Other Benefits to Nations Hosting Missile Defense Installations
Hosting European missile defense installations in both Poland and the Czech Republic will bring these two nations a special defense relationship with the U.S. Furthermore, these installations will work to complement NATO's own work on missile defense. Poland and the Czech Republic have an opportunity to stand alongside and reinforce their own commitment to NATO and the ongoing work they are involved in to keep Europe secure from hostile countries and terrorist activities.

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