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The Role of America and NATO in Global Security

NATO and the Role of Global Security
President Barack Obama stated in March of 2008 that NATO is an example of how America can advance national security, and global security, through strong alliances rooted in shared responsibility and shared values. NATO has the potential to continue to be a valued partner of the United States in helping to provide global security to all nations. Today, their role is needed. America needs NATO to help protect global security from rogue nations and terrorist organizations. The U.S. policy toward NATO should consider the following principles and elements:

Gaining More of Europe's Help for the Strategy in Afghanistan
The destruction of terrorist organizations living and training in Afghanistan needs to be the responsibility of not only the United States, but also every member country in NATO. The facts are that these terrorist organizations are not just targeting the U.S., but all members of NATO. Failure to have considerable NATO involvement in actions and strategy pertaining to Afghanistan is not in the best interest of the United States.

NATO Needs to Agree on a New Threat Perception to Global Security
In the upcoming Strasbourg-Kehl Summit in April, it is important that NATO produce a Declaration on Allied Security which addresses the global security threats facing the world today. They need a new threat perception that addresses global security challenges such as ballistic missile attack, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons, and cyberterrorism.

NATO Must Continue Progress on Missile Defense for Global Security
NATO has supported the "third site" missile defense installations in Poland and the Czech Republic. Furthermore, they have indicated support for continuing missile defense installations to provide global security to member countries. They need to continue to explore ways to make any additional U.S. missile defense sites part of the larger NATO missile defense sites. These steps will help member countries and the world at large with boosting global security in fielding the technology to destroy an incoming ballistic missile threat.

The Open Door Policy of NATO Should Continue
NATO's welcoming of nations like the Ukraine and Georgia to pursue membership in NATO needs to continue. The Alliance needs to send a clear message to the world that they are open for more nations becoming members and that in doing so will help provide vital global security for all member nations. Threats toward countries seeking membership should not be tolerated, such as with Russia's invasion of Georgia and their threats toward Ukraine.

NATO's Involvement with France
NATO should readmit France into its military command only if France will be part of the team instead of fighting the team. Within NATO, France has repeatedly engaged in deliberate obstructionist type of behavior. NATO must have guarantees from France that NATO, not the EU, remains the foundation of the transatlantic security alliance in helping to maintain global security.

A New Era for NATO-EU Relations
NATO needs to be clear with the European Union that NATO is the supreme authority in transatlantic security. Furthermore, the EU needs to remain a civilian component and complement to NATO. The EU is not there to replace NATO, and its role of providing global security.

New NATO Rules Need to be in Place for Equal Burden Sharing
For far too long, there have been a few member nations within NATO that have carried the burden of fighting terrorism around the globe. Global security cannot be maintained by a couple nations, it must be the effort of all member nations of NATO. The burden needs to be distributed, not just in costs, and the amount of the GDP of member nations that should be going to NATO for defense, but also in the amount of personal involvement, meaning, the commitment of troops. NATO was not formed so that a few nations would commit manpower, equipment, and resources for the entire group. The continuation of global security needs to come equally from all member nations of NATO.

Discover, in more detail, the principles and elements that should be necessary in the development of U.S. policy toward NATO in the article, "Reforming and Revitalizing NATO: A Memo to President-elect Obama"  HERE. NATO should not be considered obsolete, but rather a vital force in helping to maintain global security for all. Maintaining a course set toward security, they will continue to be a relied upon source protecting the world. However, if they are minimized by the EU and other forces, their relevance will deteriorate significantly.