India's Nuclear Proliferation

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India's Nuclear Proliferation

India's Nuclear Proliferation, Is It an Issue?
India's nuclear proliferation may not be as big a concern to the U.S. as that of Pakistan and North Korea. India uses its nuclear weapons to gain the country legitimacy with the UN. India's nuclear proliferation isn't so much to threaten its neighbors as it is to keep up with them and give them a voice in matters within their region.

India's nuclear proliferation program was originally designed as a way to develop nuclear power for the countries energy needs. The technology came from the United States back in the 1950's. By 1974, however, India obtained a new reactor which was ideal for the production of weapons grade plutonium. It was in that same year they conducted their first nuclear test. From that point on, India was known as a nuclear power with a nuclear weapon.

There is good news, however, as far as India's nuclear proliferation plans. There are none. Although India is not a signatory of the NPT, India has no record of nuclear proliferation unlike other countries in the region including Pakistan, China, North Korea, and Russia. Because India is a democracy, it is likely the countries officials will continue to maintain peace with other democratic countries in support of non-proliferation. India and the U.S. have a mutually beneficial defense relationship. India shares the views of the U.S. when it comes to keeping the region stable. India has separated its civilian and military nuclear reactors. Furthermore, it has welcomed the IAEA safeguards for its civilian reactors. At this time, India has agreed to a moratorium on further nuclear weapons testing.

Read more about India's nuclear proliferation restraints in the article, Nuclear India and the Non-Proliferation Treaty HERE. With the potential unstable atmosphere brewing in the Middle East and within the region surrounding Pakistan, Iran, and India, it is reassuring that India seems to be content with peaceful nuclear programs and has agreed to halt further nuclear weapons development, for now.