Iran Nuclear Program

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What are the True Intentions of the Iran Nuclear Program?

Confronting the Iran Nuclear Program
The International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) continuing kid-glove treatment of the Iran nuclear program is especially troubling after two decades of clear Iranian deception and duplicity. Iran, already a major energy-exporting nation, claims only peaceful purposes in its nuclear program while at the same time developing long-range missile capabilities and pointedly threatening other nations, particularly the United States and Israel.

Iran's failures to comply with international requirements are clear and incontrovertible. Not even resolutions of the United Nations Security Council seem to matter. Iran's leaders have been quoted as saying they "don't give a d--- about such useless resolutions." There is no reason to doubt that, unchecked, they will only continue to defy international demands when it comes to nuclear development.

In pursuing this clearly failed approach to the Iran nuclear program, the IAEA appears to be trying to take on some of the trappings of global government. Its actual mandate, however, is to serve as a watchdog against nuclear weapons proliferation, not to posture as a kind of mediator of disputes between Iran and Western nations, including the United States, France, Great Britain and Germany.

The U.N. Security Council must confront Iran's irresponsible behavior and not pass the buck to the toothless watchdog of the IAEA out of political expediency. Short of outright military conflict, only a united international front holds much chance of stopping the Iran nuclear program at this point.

The United States cannot afford to delegate protection of its national security to an international agency. Three steps the United States and its allies can take to address these issues are discussed in the article, "Iran's Nuclear Ambitions Go Beyond the Purview of International Institutions"  HERE.