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Why are Iran Nuclear Weapons Such a Threat to America?

Handing Iran Nuclear Weapons
For President Barack Obama to meet with the president of Iran "without preconditions" would be not just ill-advised, it would be giving away the trump card-the ability to deny Iran nuclear weapons. During the 2008 presidential election campaign Obama said he would be willing to meet without preconditions with leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea. Even Hillary Clinton, now his secretary of state, called that position “irresponsible and frankly nave.”

Such a dialogue would be worse than a charade. Someone should warn Obama's handlers about President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's untrustworthiness and his apparent belief in taqiyyah, a religiously approved form of lying to unbelievers. While Iran continues to resist international pressure to abide by the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, now is not the time to give Tehran an international forum in which to push its particular brand of Islamist propaganda.

Meeting with Ahmadinejad would serve only to legitimize him and allow him to assert Iran's claim to leadership of the Muslim world. It would also dishearten the opposition, strengthen the hardliners and boost his popularity. Instead, the United States should be organizing an international coalition to isolate the regime with targeted international sanctions and raise the cost to Iran of flouting its obligations.

Obama himself said during the second presidential debate, “We cannot allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon.” But meeting with Ahmadinejad would be tantamount to just that-giving Iran nuclear weapons.

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