Missile Attack

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Missile Attack

Is the U.S. Vulnerable to a Ballistic Nuclear Missile Attack?
Is a missile attack on the United States eminent? Is the government deliberately leaving the country vulnerable to an intercontinental ballistic missile attack from some other nation? When it comes to ballistic missile attack and the possibility of it taking place on American soil, that is exactly what is happening. America is vulnerable to a ballistic missile attack, and there are few resources in place to defend the nation against such an attack.

The terrorists of 9/11 used airplanes because they figured it was a method that would work to achieve their objectives�and it worked. Other countries can clearly see there is a weak place in America's armor, and it has to do with its missile defense capabilities. Striking at those vulnerabilities is the smart offensive move for any enemy. Other nations will try ballistic missile attack on America when given the right opportunity.

The missile defense systems in place in the country right now are just not enough. There has to be more systems placed throughout the nation, along with new and more advanced systems being developed and deployed. At the least, it will keep our enemies guessing as to whether or not an offensive move by them will be successful or not. They know if they fail, it will be the end of them as we will retaliate and eliminate the threat. That guessing may just be enough to keep them from launching a missile attack on us in the first place. However, if the enemy hears that Congress is giving up on missile defense or that the U.S. really doesn't have that many installations in place�they may move ahead with missile attack plans. America must continue its missile defense programs and continue to develop and deploy the latest technologies to eliminate all incoming missile attack threats.

Read the article, "U.S. in Vulnerable to Attack"  HERE. In today's world where 20 nations have nuclear capabilities, with more aggressively seeking to be added to the nuclear club, it seems like it is only a matter of time before there is either a deliberate missile attack or an accidental launch for which the U.S. will need an effective missile defense system in place to protect its citizens.