Missile Defense Shield for U.S. and Russia

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Missile Defense Shield for U.S. and Russia

A Missile Defense Shield for U.S. and Russia in Question?
As the United States continues to pursue the installation of missile defense shields that benefit themselves and their allies, Russia and China remain opposed to such efforts. Both Russian and China view missile defense shields as a maneuver which threatens the balance and stability of the world. They do not like the idea that missile defense installations need to be in place to protect the U.S. and its allies against nuclear, biological, or chemical warheads. As world powers, Russia and China want to maintain control over other countries in their regions. The fact that both Russia and China are nuclear states in some measure allows them to maintain this control. The U.S. taking steps to empower these smaller countries to protect both U.S. interests and themselves against any type of incoming missile takes back the control from Russia and China. This is unacceptable for both Russia and China.

A Missile Defense Shield for U.S. and Russia Driving a Wedge in Relationships
The attempts by Russian and China to discourage the development of a missile defense shield to benefit the U.S. and its allies poses the danger of driving a wedge in the relationships between the U.S. and many of its allies. Many of the U.S. allies are smaller countries that do not possess nuclear capabilities. They are intimidated by Russia and China, and do not want to cause trouble with the two superpowers. As a result, they are hesitant to engage in a missile defense program with the United States for fear of damaging their relationships with their close neighbors.

The Lack of Support for a Missile Defense Shield by Russia and China will Lead to More Instability
Because Russia and China do not support missile defense shields throughout the world, they are creating the opportunity for disaster. It seems that it may only be a matter of time before many nations have nuclear programs and nuclear weapons. While the U.S. and Russia showed responsibility and restraint during the Cold War to prevent any nuclear incidents, this does not mean we can count on that same restraint being adopted and held sacred by other countries obtaining these weapons. Russia and China have helped create this scenario, and the consequences may be beyond what they and the rest of the world are able to withstand.

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