Missile Defense Shield

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Missile Defense Shield

Is a Missile Defense Shield Really Necessary?
With the U.S. Congress seeking ways cut the budget for defense, a missile defense shield often comes up for discussion. The Cold War is over; do we really need the benefit of a missile defense to protect us against ballistic missiles? Does it make sense to invest resources into a missile defense shield that might never be used? These are valid questions and to answer them we need to consider the the state of affairs throughout the world today, especially in the Middle East and in Russia.

A Missile Defense Shield to Protect Against Rogue Nation Attacks
Iran's threat is that they will wipe Israel off the face of the earth. To achieve this, they are aggressively pursuing a nuclear weapons program. They deny they are seeking nuclear weapons, but the U.S., EU, and others believe differently. Iran does have long-range ballistic missiles capable. Furthermore, they are developing relationships with North Korea and Russia to provide them with the materials and knowledge necessary to produce this type of weapon. With help from these two nations, it may be possible for Iran to have a functioning nuclear weapon within few years.

The United States has to act now to protect ourselves, our troops around the globe, and our allies. Ground-based systems and sea-based systems missile defense shields are deployed around the globe. President Ronald Reagan proposed space-based systems which are necessary to provide the level of protection we need in the United States against any ballistic missile threat.

Missile Defense Shields a Major Part of the NATO Objectives
NATO has recognized that missile defense shields throughout Europe will actually help to protect and bring together the nations involved. They have determined that supporting missile installations in Europe is complementary to their own objectives of missile defense.

Missile Defense Shields are Effective and Reliable
The argument that missile defense systems are not accurate or reliable is simply not true. The U.S. has multiple missile defense systems in place and they have proven in test after test their reliability and accuracy. Hit-to-kill technology is common in many of the missile defense shields in place right now. View the videos below to see the effectiveness of these types of missile defense shields.

Missile Defense Shields Bring Stability to Nations
It is a myth that missile defense brings instability. The opposite is true. Installing missile defense shields brings stability to nations and a sense of protection against enemies seeking to destroy. In contrast, installing traditional missile installations with the purpose to launch warhead equipped missiles toward any target brings about great instability in a region. Nations feel at ease and at peace with missile defense installations in place. They feel uneasy and nervous with warhead equipped ballistic missiles placed in neighboring countries.