Missile Defense Systems

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Missile Defense Systems

Critics Will Always Attack Missile Defense System Installations
It seems that no matter how effective missile defense systems are in eliminating the threat of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, there will always be critics against missile defense.

The point is that the U.S. does not view Russia as a threat, and the missile defense systems are not being put in place around the world to protect the U.S. against Russian missiles. These installations are for the protection of America, its troops around the globe, and its allies from rogue nations with nuclear weapons and terrorists seeking any type of weapons of mass destruction.

Congress should not be deterred from funding and implementing the most efficient and effective missile defense systems throughout the U.S., on the sea, and in space. They should not be intimidated by Russia as to whether or not those missile defense installations are capable of shooting down Russian missiles. The safety and security of the United States should be the main concern, not whether or not Russia approves.

Read the article, Criticizing Success? The Test of the Long-Range Missile Defense System. Despite the critics, the success of the U.S. missile defense systems in place cannot be disputed.