National Missile Defense

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National Missile Defense

The Need for National Missile Defense Greater Now Than Ever Before
Despite resent success and sea-based and land-based missile defense installations to support the national missile defense efforts, America still needs to do more. The U.S. still remains vulnerable to the threat of ballistic missile attacks. The Obama Administration needs to increase efforts to deploy the most effective national missile defense systems.

One concern is the number of national missile defense skeptics in leadership positions in Congress. It is imperative that members of Congress realize how essential missile defense is to the security of the country. Rogue nations and terrorists groups around the globe seek nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons to be delivered by ballistic missiles in the U.S. and its allies. Missile defense is the only solution to effectively combat the threat of ballistic missile attacks.

The unfortunate reality of the situation is that if Congress continues to fight funding for missile defense system, it is likely that we will suffer an attack at some point due to the vulnerability that exists today. At that point, it will be too late for Congress to act to protect the citizens of the country. What possible excuse will they present on that day in defend their lack of concern for the safety and security of the country? There is no excuse for cutting funding and support for a national missile defense system on a large scale. This has to become a priority for the country's defense against devastating nuclear, biological, and chemical ballistic missile attacks.

Read the article, The Next Steps for Missile Defense. There can be no defense for failing to implement technology we have to expand and improve upon our national missile defense installations.