National Security

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What is Necessary to Protect Our National Security?

National Security Needs
In terms of high national security needs, the greatest threat may be that of a ballistic missile attack on the United States and its allies. That's the main reason the United States needs to build land-based missile defenses in Europe. Moscow must be made to understand that this is a defensive system targeted at aggression from Iran, not Russia.We need to develop along with our allies a global command-and-control network capable of dealing with any new missile threats. Europe needs to field land- and sea-based systems, including the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense and the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense systems. More needs done to perfect "boost-phase" interceptors capable of taking out enemy missiles right after launch when they are most vulnerable.Other things the United States needs to do to meet national security needs: Finish the job in Iraq and the war on terror; strengthen Homeland Security; build an experimental missile-defense platform in orbit; lead an international coalition to halt Iran's nuclear development with tough economic sanctions; build better border security; beef up security of information technology systems; eliminate excessive regulatory restrictions on trade imports in the name of national security; spend at least 4 percent of annual gross domestic product on defense over the next decade to recover from the long post-Cold War "peace dividend" of the 1990s.