NATO Missile Defense Shield Asia

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NATO Missile Defense Shield Asia

What is the Status of a U.S. or NATO Missile Defense Shield in Asia?
It is unclear whether or not a NATO missile defense shield will be a reality in Asia or Indonesia. More pressing at the moment are missile defense shields in Europe. NATO has approved the U.S. missile defense shields to go into Poland, and a radar station to be located in the Czech Republic. The problem of why there may not be immediate plans to place a NATO missile defense shield in Asia or Indonesia lies in the lack of understanding in the perceived threats in the Asian region. North Korea has been a major threat for years. They have nuclear weapons, and have threatened countries, including the U.S. with those weapons. An Indonesian or Asian based NATO missile defense shield would provide protection against a North Korean attack. Furthermore, Pakistan, China, and perhaps India all pose some level of danger with how they may intend on using their own nuclear weapons.

Pakistan and India are not friendly neighbors. While India's government seems relatively stable at the moment, circumstances could develop in the coming months and years to quickly change that. Pakistan is already seeing great destabilization within their government. Furthermore, Pakistan seems to have no issues with helping other nations get nuclear technology for the right price. It has already been discovered that Iran has documents relating to nuclear weapons manufacture which were provided by someone. Identical documents were found in Pakistan. Since Pakistan already has nuclear weapons, it is logical to believe the documents were supplied to Iran.

Major focus has been placed on the Middle East at the moment, primarily on Iran and their nuclear program. For this reason, NATO is focusing attention on getting missile shields in place throughout Europe to protect its allies. Until there is more reason to believe Pakistan, India, North Korea, or even China become destabilized in their nuclear programs, NATO missile defense shields in Asia or Indonesia will be placed on hold.

Find out more about the challenges facing Asia's long-term security in the article, "Asia's Security Challenges" HERE. It is unclear at the moment how necessary either U.S. or NATO missile defense shields in Asia and Indonesia will become. However, the U.S. does have missile defense shields in place in the Pacific to protect against any action from the region.