North Korea Nuclear Weapons

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How Will Obama Deal with North Korea and Their Nuclear Weapons?

North Korea, Nuclear Weapons and Obama's Challenge
Is all really lost in the effort to deny North Korea nuclear weapons? If such an efforts are limited merely to finger-pointing and assigning blame, perhaps so. President Obama has tried to blame the Bush administration for North Korea’s nuclear mischief, but that mischief actually began during the Clinton administration, which had a more conciliatory approach to North Korea along the lines that Obama advocates.

When the Bush administration did engage in the kind of direct bilateral diplomacy that Obama advocates and its approach was met with intransigence, noncompliance and brinksmanship on the part of North Korea. The lesson for the Obama administration should be that officials must not be too eager to compromise. Such an attitude rewards bad behavior and undermines negotiating leverage. What’s needed is an approach to denuclearization that does not reward blatant disobedience and disregard of previous agreements.

The Obama administration would be well advised to deepen ties-especially economic-with South Korea, our key ally on the peninsula. Congress needs to approve the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, which would lift some 85 percent of each nation's tariffs on industrial goods.

If the Obama administration wants a truly effective diplomatic approach to get Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons, it must begin with insisting that North Korea fulfill its existing requirements. To learn six other key negotiating precepts, read the article, "Securing U.S. Objectives in North Korea" HERE: