Nuclear Bomb Effects

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Nuclear Bomb Effects

Nuclear Bomb Effects Possible if a Dirty Bomb is Detonated
A dirty bomb is a potential threat for major cities in the U.S., but it is important to note that the effects of a dirty bomb are not like nuclear bomb effects. A dirty bomb is not a nuclear weapon, but rather a conventional explosive with radiological material. A more accurate description of a dirty bomb is that it is a bomb that disseminates radioactive material.

So what are the effects of a nuclear bomb? A traditional nuclear warhead is detonated in the atmosphere and it creates not only incredible heat, but wind that both burns and levels everything in its path for miles. The after effects include radioactive material polluting and contaminating the atmosphere and land for miles around the point of detonation. What are the effects of a dirty bomb? A dirty bomb is, as mentioned, a device that disseminates radioactive material. These devices may not require any type of actual detonation or what we would typically think of as a "bomb." Radioactive material could be used by a terrorist in a bomb, but it can also be placed on the sidewalk in a busy city, it can be released from a helicopter or airplane, it can be placed into an air vent of a building, or any number of other seemingly easy to disperse methods.

Effects from Exposure to Radioactive Material
Determining the effects of exposure to radioactive material that might be released during a dirty bomb attack are difficult to determine. A suppressed immune system is a result of exposure to radioactive material, although it is difficult to determine if someone has been exposed to low doses of radiation. In recent years, advancements have been made to care for people with this condition.

Other Effects of Both Nuclear Bombs and a Dirty Bomb Event
In addition, the threat of a radiological attack provoke intense fear in people. Individuals do not really know what to expect, and often it is difficult to determine if they have even been contaminated, as we have pointed out. This fear may cause hysteria and other psychological effects.

The economic impact could be devastating as well. It is extremely expensive and extensive to clean up a radioactive area. Many areas are unusable for years after the event as a result of the contamination. The costs of housing, feeding, and care for surviving people could be extensive.

For more on dirty bombs and the effects the detonation of one would have on a U.S. city, read the article: "Dealing with Dirty Bombs: Plain Facts, Practical Solutions"  HERE. In this article, steps are presented to prepare for such an attack and how we can be best prepared for such an event.