Nuclear Bomb Explosion Video

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Nuclear Bomb Explosion

A Nuclear Bomb Explosion Can Be Stopped with Missile Defense
The missile defense technologies in place today protecting America are capable of stopping a nuclear bomb explosion. The only problem is, there are not enough missile defense installations in place to protect the entire country from multiple nuclear missiles at the same time. In this scenario, there would be a nuclear bomb explosion somewhere in the U.S.

The situation is critical and needs immediate attention by Congress to allow for more missile defense installations throughout the entire country. Missile defense is the only way to provide the protection necessary from nuclear bomb explosion threats. Today, there are 20 countries with nuclear weapons capabilities, and many of these countries have the ability to deliver a nuclear weapon with a ballistic missile. The likelihood of even an accidental launch is heightened with so many players in the game. What happens if there is an accidental launch? Hopefully, one of the existing U.S. missile defense installations around the world will be able to destroy the missile in flight before a disaster takes place. If not, then we can expect to see devastation greater than what was experienced in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Nuclear bombs produced today are more powerful and destructive than the ones used by the U.S. during World War II. As a result, a nuclear bomb explosion from one of the more modern warheads would be something the world has not experienced to this point.

The video below is of various nuclear bomb explosions. Warning, this video showing the effects of a nuclear bomb is VERY graphic at parts. However, it accurately shows what type of widespread devastation a nuclear bomb explosion will produce if one is detonated.

Viewer discretion is advised

Nuclear Bomb Explosion Video - Nukleer Tehlike (Nuclear Disaster)