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What an Iranian Nuke Might Look Like in This Nuclear Bomb Video Clip

Trumping an Iranian Nuclear Bomb
Iran's pursuit of a nuclear bomb is a nightmare for the already unstable Middle East and threatens to wreak havoc with world energy markets. War game exercises conducted at the Heritage Foundation, however, demonstrated that Iran's power to harm the U.S. economy may be substantially less than expected.

In this war-game scenario, tough economic sanctions are imposed on Iran, which responds by withdrawing from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and testing a nuclear bomb. The United States bombs Iran's nuclear facilities, and Iran and Venezuela respond by imposing an oil embargo with Iran attempting to block the Strait of Hormuz. But the United States is able to reopen the Strait and offset any losses of oil supplies from the Strategic Oil Reserve, augmented by opening up production of the Arctic National Wildlife Area and offshore oil reserves west of Florida.

The conclusion of the exercise was that the United States should be able to weather an "oil shock" with the proper approach. The effect of an oil embargo could well be trumped by economic sanctions on Iran, which needs the oil revenue. Cutting off the supply of equipment needed to keep the oil fields producing at capacity would be especially crippling. U.S. policymakers may have a much wider array of choices of dealing with Iran than commonly thought.

The cost to Iran of producing a nuclear bomb must be made unaffordable. To learn more about an effective approach toward this dangerous nation, read the article, "Stopping Iran"  HERE.

Nuclear Bomb Video Clip