Nuclear Iran

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Why World Security is at Stake with a Nuclear Iran

Why a Nuclear Iran Is Unacceptable
If the United States hopes to prevent a nuclear Iran, it must lead an international coalition to impose the strongest possible economic sanctions on the Tehran regime. It is up to the world's remaining superpower to mobilize allies to contain and deter this growing threat to world peace.

One way of doing this is by supporting democratic opposition forces within Iran. Another way is by maintaining the U.S. commitment to building a stable and democratic Iraq next door. Yet another is by launching a public diplomacy campaign to explain to the Iranian people how a nuclear Iran and such hard-line policies hurt their economic and national interests. We need to do all of these things, not just some.

For serious talks to occur, strict conditions must be set to minimize Iran's ability to exploit such talks to defuse international opposition to its hostile foreign policy. Nothing less will produce real results. While Iran continues to resist international pressure to abide by the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, now is not the time to give President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad an international forum in which to push his particular brand of Islamofascist propaganda.

Ahmadinejad may not listen to reason, but that does not excuse inaction on our part. The stakes are too high for the world to countenance a nuclear Iran. And while military force is only a last-resort option, the United States must make clear that it is definitely an option on the table.

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