Nuclear Proliferation Act

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Has the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act Helped?

Has the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act Helped to Keep Rogue Nations from Entering the Nuclear Arena?
The nuclear non-proliferation act was originally designed to keep supporting nations in agreement that they would: not allow for proliferation of nuclear weapons, would begin to disarm the existing ones they possess in arsenals, and would seek to use nuclear power for peaceful means. These are great guidelines for nations in support of the nuclear non-proliferation act. However, in recent years, several nations have developed their own nuclear programs, and nuclear weapons as well. These rogue nations do not support the act, and are not following the pillars set forth by the act.

Nations like North Korea, who currently do possess nuclear weapons, and nations like Syria and Iran, who are both seeking nuclear capabilities, have no regard for the nuclear non-proliferation act. These nations are seeking these weapons to use against their enemies, namely Israel and the U.S. in the case of Syria and Iran. This new nuclear proliferation is exactly what the act was supposed to prevent. However, with new additions to the nations with nuclear weapons list happening each year, it has become out of control and the result is a loss of stability for the entire world. Since the effects of a nuclear bomb are so widespread, a detonation would not only affect the immediate area of the blast, but could end up affecting countries, food supply, weather, and more worldwide.

For more on the nuclear proliferation that threatens world stability, read the article Nuclear Proliferation Endangers World Stability  HERE. The nuclear non-proliferation act was a good idea, but it just didn't account for rogue nations with no regard for the pillars set forth by the act or abiding by its principles.