Nuclear War in America

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Nuclear War in America?

Is There Still a Threat of Nuclear War in America?
There is no more Cold War, so is there a threat of nuclear war in America or is the country free from this possibility? It is true that the Cold War ended in the late 1980's under the Reagan Administration. However, the missile age didn't fully end at that time. Russia and the U.S. both have stockpiles of nuclear weapons which have been slowly reduced over the past 20 years. There are new players into the nuclear weapon club and some of these nations are hostile to the U.S. Furthermore, there are many additional countries seeking nuclear weapons which, if they obtain them, would create a very unstable nuclear environment.

The threat of nuclear war in America is still a reality. It is not brought to light very often, but the possibility does still remain. North Korea has ballistic nuclear warhead equipped missiles that can reach the West Coast of America. For years, Russia has had ballistic missiles that can reach all areas within the U.S. Iran is aggressively working on a nuclear program which seems to involve the creation of nuclear weapons. They are also working with North Korea to develop 2 and 3 stage missiles capable of delivering a nuclear missile to all areas within the U.S.

All the threats of nuclear war in America mentioned so far have involved long-range nuclear missiles. The other threat lies in suitcase nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Terrorist organizations around the globe are actively seeking these types of weapons to use against their enemies, and America is at the top of their list. Nuclear war in America is a very real threat which has not gone away with the reduction of nuclear missiles by the U.S. and Russia.

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