Nuclear War

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Nuclear War

One of the Best Ways to Prevent a Nuclear War
The Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union kept tensions high that there would someday be a nuclear war. Thankfully, both the United States and the Soviet Union had leaders in place that choose restraint rather than starting a war which would have destroyed the entire word. In the past 20 years, the world has lived without the perceived "fear" of a nuclear attack. With the fall of Communism, we have seen 20 years of relative peace. However, within the last 8 years we have experienced a new adversary who uses terrorist tactics to bring the fear back to Americans and the entire world.

Adding to this, there are two nations in particular which have been creating very uncomfortable tensions. North Korea has nuclear warheads. They have ballistic missiles. They have tested their missiles recently and this raises tensions for everyone. Iran is developing a nuclear facility, and the impression is that they are doing this to create a nuclear weapon. Iran's president has made threatening statements toward both the U.S. and Israel. With regard to Israel, he wants to completely destroy them. He sees the use of nuclear weapons as the way to achieve his goals. Both of these countries bring an unstable environment to the entire world. European countries and the United States are both very concerned about North Korea's actions. They disregard any concerns set forth by the U.S. or the EU, and continue to do as they please. The same is true of Iran. Despite sanctions imposed on them, they continue to develop their nuclear technology. This has created a new environment of fear the world over.

In response to the new nuclear threat, the U.S. has to increase efforts to place long-range missile defense installations around the globe. Missile defense interceptors make nuclear weapons obsolete because they eliminate the threat before it can detonate. The ability to destroy all nuclear warheads before they can detonate at their intended targets would keep the world from entering into a nuclear war. Missile defense installations would keep security and safety around the globe from these types of ballistic missile threats.

Why Missile Defense is the Solution to Preventing a Nuclear War
Today, the United States has very limited abilities to protect its citizens against ballistic missile attacks. There are a limited number of long-range missile defense interceptors in place in the United States today to defend the nation against a ballistic missile attack and even less in place to defend against a short-range missile attack. The current situation is dangerous because the threat of a missile attack continues to grow. As stated, North Korea has nuclear warheads and has tested missiles off their coasts. Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon aggressively and by the threats they have made, intend on using it once they have it.

The U.S. has to place missile defense as a priority if it is to continue to have the ability to protect its citizens and allies abroad from ballistic missile attacks by rogue nations. Read the entire article: "The Still Enduring Features of the Debate Over Missile Defense". "President Reagan's Legacy and U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy".