Nuclear Weapons and Iran

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Nuclear Weapons and Iran

Are Nuclear Weapons Being Developed in Iran?
In July, 2008, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released a report seriously questioning Iran's intentions with their developing nuclear program which it is believed now involves the production of a nuclear weapon. Iran is suspected of conducting high explosives testing. This testing includes using detonators and detonator firing units that could be used for a nuclear weapon. Iran is also accused of developing plans to detonate weapons underground, some of which might be nuclear weapons.

The IAEA reports that Iran has a document that shows the procedures necessary for machining highly enriched uranium metal into a hemispherical shape, which can be used in implosion-type nuclear weapon warheads. An identical document exists in Pakistan, making the IAEA wonder if there is a Pakistan-Iran connection.

Iran is also involved in the development of a new ballistic missile warhead as an add-on for their Shahab-3 missile. Iran has been modifying the payload area of the current Shahab-3 re-entry vehicle to accept a nuclear warhead.

Iran continues their uranium enrichment, which is necessary to produce a nuclear weapon. It is estimated that Iran's uranium enrichment plant in Natanz is using 3,000 or more centrifuges. If operating efficiently, this could be used to produce enough weapons-grade fissile material to build a bomb within 18 months.

For more on nuclear weapons and Iran, read the article IAEA Indicts Iran  HERE. It is clear that Iran is working on their nuclear program very aggressively. It is also clear that they are engaged in activities which look like they are developing a nuclear weapon. One thing is quite clear and that is that if left unchecked, whatever Iran is producing will be revealed to the world in due time.