Obama View on Missile Defense Systems

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Obama's View on Missile Defense Systems

Obama and Missile Defense Systems, What is His View?
President-elect Obama has already been faced with his first challenge. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev threw down the gauntlet to Mr. Obama on Nov. 5th when he gave his first state of Russia address. If the United States goes ahead with the installation of a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic (the so-called third missile defense site), Russia will take countermeasures, so Mr. Medvedev said. This will come in the shape of Iskander short range missiles installed by Russia in Kaliningrad, a small military outpost of Russia located right on Europe's border, between Poland and Lithuania.

While President Obama has reiterated that he is not "opposed" to missile defense, he does feel that proposed systems should be proven effective before they are deployed. President Obama will have to make a decision on European missile defense, the Czechs and Poles will likely wait for that decision before deciding on the issue in their respective Parliaments. If President Obama goes forward with missile defense, he will have to manage an angry Russia. If he doesn't, he may risk looking weak to the Russians and leaving American and her allies vulnerable to a hostile state's ballistic missile.

For more on the how Obama weighs in on the issue of nuclear weapons and missile defense, read the article Measuring the Candidates on Missile Defense  HERE. President-elect Obama's nuclear weapons policy is dangerous for America in a time when nuclear proliferation around the world is at an all time high and growing.