Obama View on Nuclear Weapons

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President-elect Obama's View on Nuclear Weapons

Where Does Obama Stand on Nuclear Weapons?
Obama believes the world should eliminate nuclear weapons. This is a great position to have, and in reality, it would be great for the world, as a whole, to pursue the elimination of nuclear weapons. As President, Obama will continue to eliminate America's nuclear arsenal. Obama would seek to strengthen the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, and would seek a world without nuclear weapons.

That is a great objective. The only issue that comes up is, what to do about all the nations which now possess nuclear weapons and have no intention on getting rid of them? How does Obama plan on dealing with those nations that have nuclear weapons and don't see things the way he does�that all nuclear weapons should be eliminated? How does he plan on dealing with the rogue nations seeking nuclear weapons to use against the U.S. and its allies around the globe? Obama has lofty plans to stop nuclear proliferation around the globe, but the facts are evident. There are many nations who don't care at all about the U.S. and its policies. They don't care if the U.S. approves of their actions or not. They care about securing their own nuclear weapons and using them as they see fit. The last thing they will ever consider is abiding by U.S. requests or demands. Is Obama's take on nuclear weapons just unrealistic. Again, it is a great goal, admirable in it's objective�but not realistic. We have seen that diplomacy with Iran has not stopped them in their quest to obtain nuclear weapons. We have seen how sanctions on Iran have not stopped their quest to obtain a nuclear weapon. There seems to be no stopping Iran on their quest to obtain a nuclear weapon. The estimates now are that Iran will have a nuclear missile by 2010, 2012? This could be sooner with the help they are receiving from Russia and North Korea. They what? Because Obama doesn't support missile defense shields, there will be no protection against Iran using their missiles against the U.S. or its allies. It appears Barack Obamas position on nuclear weapons is just out of touch with the growing proliferation of nuclear weapons around the globe.

For more on the how the Presidential candidates weigh in on the issue of nuclear weapons and missile defense, read the article Measuring the Candidates on Missile Defense  HERE. President-elect Obama's nuclear weapons policy is dangerous for America in a time when nuclear proliferation around the world is at an all time high and growing.