Obama Promises No Missile Shield

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President-elect Obama Promises No Missile Shield

Where Does President-elect Obama Stand on a Missile Shield for America?
President-elect Barack Obama in his own words has stated that, if President of the U.S., would "cut investments in unproven missile defense systems." President-elect Obama promises no missile shield for America and its allies in Europe because he and his supporters in Congress believe missile defense is unnecessary and unproven. The facts are that there have been many very successful missile defense tests performed which have proven the success of these types of defenses. Furthermore, short-range missile defense systems have been used extensively in the past couple wars in Iraq. There is a growing threat in the world today from rogue nations with nuclear capabilities, and others seeking nuclear weapons. These aggressors are hostile to the U.S. and would like nothing more than to detonate a nuclear weapon in the U.S. President-elect Obama's promise of no missile shields puts the whole nation at risk.

Furthermore, he has indicated that he will "not weaponize space." This means he will stop the progress made on developing space-based defense systems. Currently, the U.S. has extensive space-based missile defense systems in development. A responsible plan to protect America would be to continue developing and employing space-based, sea-based, and ground-based missile defense systems for placement in America and around the world to defend the U.S. and its allies from potential threats not only from the Middle East, but also from North Korea, Russia, and ???

President-elect Obama also indicates that if President, he would slow the development of future combat systems. Is he not aware that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons and that they have support from Russia and North Korea in their quest? Does he not know that Iran is not only seeking nuclear weapons, but also the long-range ballistic missile technology to launch a 2 and 3 stage missile, which could reach any location within the U.S.? Perhaps he is not concerned about the statements from Iran's President to "wipe Israel off the face of the earth?" A logical person can look at the unstable environment nuclear proliferation has created around the world in the past several years, and can look at the number of rogue nations which either have or are seeking nuclear weapons for hostile intentions against the U.S. Then, a logical and intelligent leader would seek to find ways to eliminate the threat from one of these missiles by using U.S. missile defense shields located strategically around the world. At a time like this, the world is looking to the U.S. to provide missile shields to protect against a rogue nuclear bomb. Yet, President-elect Obama refuses to believe that a nuclear threat exists in the form of any missile. One has to ask, is he that trusting of nations hostile to the U.S.? Does he really feel that they will not take any action against the U.S. if given the means and the opportunity? It appears irresponsible that President-elect Obama discounts the real threat nuclear proliferation has created around the globe both for America and its allies. The number of players in the game increase the odds that there will be an accidental launch, or, an intentional launch which could be eliminated by missile defense installations.

President-elect Barack Obama is not placing America's security at the top of his agenda. President-elect Obama's promise of no missile shields places the country at significant risk. His arrogance and belief that America will not or could not be hit by a nuclear missile is foolish. He will only create an environment that allows other nations to take advantage of our weakness. Cutting funding to missile defense shields creates a noticeable weakness for our adversaries to take note of and to exploit.

For more on the need for continued missile defense and how the Presidential candidates weigh in on the issue, read the article Measuring the Candidates on Missile Defense  HERE. President-elect Obama's promise of no missile shield is dangerous for America in a time when nuclear proliferation is at an all time high and growing.