Obama Unproven Missile Defense Systems

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President Obama Opinion Missile Defense Systems are Unproven

Obama Unproven Missile Defense Systems
What is President Obama's view regarding unproven missile defense systems and will he deploy any missile defense systems to protect America? On one hand he has said, "I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems. I will not weaponize space." On the other, he has said, "If we can responsibly deploy missile defenses that would protect us and our allies, we should - but only when the system works."

Some say U.S. missile defense hardware today still has no demonstrated effectiveness against an enemy missile attack under realistic operational conditions. Others say the technology has progressed to the point of not just being able to hit a bullet with a bullet, but hitting a spot on a bullet with a bullet.

There are criteria by which the 44th president can be judged going forward as to his commitment to protecting the United States from nuclear attack. Will he support funding for missile defense including space-based interceptors? Will he endorse missile defense cooperation with allies, especially Israel? Will he allow still-developing missile defense systems to go on operational alert in the event of an emergency?

To Obama, unproven missile defense systems could mean many things-including an excuse for more talk and less action. Candidate Obama enjoyed the advantage of a short legislative record for opponents to pick apart. President Obama, however, will no longer have the option of voting "present" on issues so monumental as whether or not to build an anti-ballistic missile defense system. The nuclear buck now stops with him.

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