Reasons for Nuclear Proliferation

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Reasons for Nuclear Proliferation

What Are the Reasons for Nuclear Proliferation Around the World?
There are many reasons for nuclear proliferation around the world in this new missile age. Unlike during the Cold War, were the Soviet Union and the United States were the only two world powers with nuclear capabilities, today's world is much different. There are many  nations with nuclear weapons. Some of these nations are hostile or have the potential to be hostile to the U.S. Furthermore, there are several nations very hostile to the U.S. who are actively seeking nuclear weapons. Among these nations are Iran, Syria, and Libya, just to name a few. Many of the nations seeking nuclear weapons are also sponsors of terrorist organizations around the world. These organizations have also made it very clear that they will stop at nothing to hit targets at will.

Because of the increased threat of nuclear weapons being obtained by rogue nations, other peaceful nations feel they need to obtain nuclear weapons to protect themselves. They feel that the threat of retaliation with nuclear weapons is much more of a deterrent than with conventional weapons. This fear, if allowed to grow, will result in a world where most nations have nuclear weapons, and this will eventually lead to disaster. All it would take is one mistake by one country to set off a nuclear war. Once a nuclear weapon is detonated, the long range and long term effects of that detonation will impact areas and countries far outside ground zero.

The reasons for nuclear proliferation in the world today are simple. Peaceful nations are just trying to protect themselves against hostile rogue nations and organizations which seek to destroy. The problem is, though, that this many nations with nuclear capabilities will eventually lead to a disaster.

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