Satellite Shootdown

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China's Satellite Shootdown and Their Use of Space

China's Satellite Shootdown Raises New Questions on Their Use of Space
China's satellite shootdown in January of 2007 showed the world that, despite their claims to only use space for peaceful purposes, they have other objectives that are military in nature. China's satellite shootdown of an aging low-Earth-orbit weather satellite was an irresponsible show of force by the Chinese military. It created nearly 100,000 pieces of debris in space, for which other countries with space assets are concerned. The U.S. has already had to move spacecraft out of the path of Chinese debris. Nearly 40 percent of the debris in space is the result of this one satellite shootdown by the Chinese.

Aside from the mess the Chinese satellite shootdown has created in the field of space, it has also alerted the U.S. and every other country with space programs that the Chinese are not just interested in using space for peaceful purposes. They have military aspirations for space. The fact that they tried to deny the incident for two weeks after the fact, then explained it away as a scientific experiment, doesn't fool anyone. It is evident that they intend on using this weapon on U.S. satellites should there ever be a confrontation between the two countries.

China's satellite shootdown should be a wake up call to the U.S. that the need for space-based missile defense systems is only starting to reveal itself. The future will reveal many more countries with space capabilities and the desire to use space for military purposes. Read the entire article, "The Not-so-final Frontier"  HERE to find out some of the other space-based weapons China is working on. America must realize that space-based missile defense systems are necessary now and will be critical in the near future to protect the country and its citizens from any potential space-based threat, whether nuclear or otherwise.