Space Wars

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Space Wars

Is There Really a Threat of Space Wars Between the World's Superpowers?
Is there a potential threat of space wars taking place in the near future? It is a distinct possibility due to the actions of China and Russia. The two nations are attempting to update the 1967 Outer Space Treaty to limit the ability of the U.S. to develop and employ space-based missile defense systems. Is this just a noble effort on the part of China and Russia to declare the use of space for peaceful purposes alone, or are they individually and possibly together seeking to create a situation that would limit the U.S.'s research and development of space-based missile defense systems while giving them the opportunity to get up to speed with similar systems of their own. The space wars have begun to take shape with China and Russia seeking the update of this 41 year old treaty.

China finds it convenient to seek the updating of the Outer Space Treaty to limit the U.S., while at the same time conducting a satellite shootdown of their own in January 2007. During this test, China shot down a satellite in secret, and denied doing so for two weeks after the incident. So apparently it is ok for China to conduct space wars against satellites, but not ok for the U.S. to develop missile defense systems for the purpose of eliminating ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads.

What China and Russia are really seeking with the updating of this treaty is more time to research, develop, and test their own missile defense systems. They are highly threatened that the U.S. has not only nuclear weapons, but missile defense installations that are capable of eliminating any nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon delivered in a ballistic missile from anyone, including Russia, China, or ? China and Russia know they are behind in the development of these missile defense systems, and they want to limit the U.S. any way possible to allow them the time necessary to catch up.

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