Space Wars

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What is the Potential for Space Wars?

The Threat of Space Wars Heats Up and Includes Multiple Nations
As part of Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, it is necessary for the U.S. to remain strong and vigilant in its development of technologies to keep the nation ahead in space to protect against the coming space wars. America's military relies heavily on space-based assets including surveillance and communications satellites to protect the country from hostile threats. The continued use and access of space by various nations around the world has created new challenges for the U.S. in its attempt to keep control of space and prevent any space wars.

Russia has anti-satellite weapons systems and has shared this technology with other countries. This is a major threat to the U.S. because of the countries dependence on satellite technology currently in place, not only for military use, but civilian use as well.

America has low-orbiting satellites that are vulnerable to laser attacks. China has the laser technology in place to cripple and even destroy low-orbiting satellites. They have even used their lasers to "target" many of America's low-orbiting satellites in the past. They now have the technology to eliminate U.S. satellites with lasers if they decided to act on it.

Electronic equipment can be used by hostile nations to "jam" signals from U.S. satellites. There have already been instances of jamming satellites by Indonesia, Turkey, and Iran.

Russia has kept up with satellite technology despite their lack of resources. They currently launch around 15 military satellites per year, while the U.S. deploys approximately 10 per year.

The U.S.'s use of space for intelligence gathering has angered many European leaders, who have embarked on an agenda to challenge the U.S. in this matter. They feel threatened by the U.S.'s ability to see into other countries and what is going on at any given time.

China has been developing advanced anti-satellite systems that can be deployed in space or on the ground. They may be seeking a way to establish permanent bases on the moon and manned stations in orbit.

One thing becomes clear, the possibility of space wars is increasing as more countries seek out ways to use space and ways to limit the use of space by the U.S. The emerging space wars are not only about weaponry in space, but also about how space should be used by nations. However, based on the Strategic Defense Initiative, it is also clear that the U.S. will not accept any measures or conditions by other nations which limit its ability to use space to not only prevent space wars, but to prevent other nations from using space to harm the U.S. or its interests.

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