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The Strategic Defense Initiative and Margaret Thatcher's Support of It

The Strategic Defense Initiative and Margaret Thatcher's Support
The Strategic Defense Initiative set forth by President Ronald Reagan and the support given to it by Margaret Thatcher continues to this day. Margaret Thatcher worked with President Reagan to help bring an end to the Soviet Union. The Reagan-Thatcher axis was the most powerful international alliance during the 1980's. There appear to be two reasons why this relationship was so powerful.

First, the two leaders had great respect for each other. Their personal friendship allowed for disputes, reconciliation, and movement forward. This was vital in the work accomplished by both the U.S. and England during the time. Thatcher's support then and now of the Strategic Defense Initiative expresses her views that the world needs the U.S. to be the protector of freedom around the globe. Missile defense installations greatly help achieve this objective.

Second, the political careers of both President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher were very similar. They had style differences, including different working methods. Their ages were different, and of course, they were different sexes. They both held to the belief that government existed for the people, not vice versa. They both valued freedom above all else. They both held the belief that low taxes and light regulation were the secret to growth and jobs, and that the Western model of liberty was applicable to many nations of the world. Furthermore, using force to defend liberty was always justified and often necessary.

Discover some of the other similarities and also some differences between Reagan and Thatcher in the article, "Beyond Friendship - The Future of Anglo-American Relations"  HERE. The defense of freedom was paramount for both leaders. The Strategic Defense Initiative and Thatcher's support of it was an important step in helping to secure the world's freedom even to this day.