Strategic Defense Initiative

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Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative

Three Enduring Principles from Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative
Twenty-five years ago, President Ronald Reagan introduced the Strategic Defense Initiative to address how America should approach nuclear proliferation and what steps were necessary to protect the U.S. and its citizens in the future. Three enduring principles stand strong today from the Strategic Defense Initiative.

1.  Refuse to Accept U.S. Vulnerability
Reagan refused to accept that the U.S. had the capabilities to track incoming nuclear missiles, but lacked the ability to do anything about them. America had to come up with a way to protect the nation from incoming nuclear missiles. This was true during the Cold War when the only two superpowers involved were the United States and the Soviet Union. It is even more critically important now that over twenty countries have nuclear capabilities.

2.   Operate from a Position of Strength
The U.S. must remain capable of addressing every type of conceivable threat to the country. The U.S. remains strong in the world's eyes because it has the capability of stopping any kind of attack, including nuclear missile attack by missile defense installations.

3.  The Recognition that the U.S. Will Never Be Secure If It's Enemies Are Allowed to Use Space as an Avenue for Attack
Reagan knew that space would be a vital frontier when it came to stopping missile attacks on the U.S. Increasingly, nations around the world have been looking at space for several reasons, including the delivery of missiles. America's ability to control space with military action is essential to its security from threats coming from space. Today, this threat is more relevant than ever as rogue nations continue to obtain nuclear technologies and nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, the development of space-based missile defense systems has been placed on hold and not developed to its full potential.

The importance of the U.S. being able to defend the nation from space-based threats will only increase as time goes forward. Now is the time for Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative to be implemented, allowing for the development of space-based missile defense systems. Find out more about Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative and its ongoing importance in the article, "President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative Proposal 25 Years Later:  A Better Path Chosen"  HERE.