U.S. Missile Defense System

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U.S. Missile Defense System

What are the Next Steps for the U.S. Missile Defense System?

In light of North Korea's continued testing of its long-range ballistic missiles and the threat that it poses, the U.S. missile defense system is more essential than ever. The missiles being tested by North Korea can reach the U.S. homeland potentially with nuclear payloads. The U.S. needs to increase production of missile defense technologies and installations to protect the country from not only North Korea but also Iran, who continues to work to develop its own nuclear technologies as well as intercontinental ballistic missiles. If they succeed at both of these with the help of North Korea, Russia, and others, they will have the ability to strike the United States.

The U.S. Missile Defense System Needs to Keep Growing
It is quite obvious that there is a real threat to the safety and security of America and its citizens by hostile nations possessing or seeking to possess nuclear weapons. Healthy funding of the U.S. missile defense system needs to remain in place during the current and future administrations. America needs to utilize space as a viable location to intercept missiles sent to destroy Americans. More sea-based defenses need to be placed around the globe to protect the U.S. and its allies from short-range ballistic missile launches.

Isn't the Current U.S. Missile Defense System Good Enough?
The American public is being misled into thinking that the government is committed to protecting them against a ballistic missile attack. The truth is that there are some missile defense systems in place around the country, but these installations provide a thin defense. The responsibility of our government is to protect its citizens, and installing missile defense systems throughout the country in various forms is essential to ensure that protection in this new missile age.

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