Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Growing Threat Weapons of Mass Destruction Present Us in 2008
It has been seven years since the U.S. was attacked by terrorist. Many Americans don't fear another terrorist attack, on our soil, of any kind including one using weapons of mass destruction. The apathetic attitude that has developed among some U.S. citizens toward the possibility of attack by weapons of mass destruction is dangerous.

Terrorists have continued to work to obtain nuclear weapons, in any form, to use against their targets including the U.S. Al Qaeda will continue to try to acquire chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear material and will use these materials in an attack when the opportunity for them presents itself. The effects from any one of these types of weapons of mass destruction on an American city would be devastating to levels we have never experienced in this country. The threat is real, it is still there, and it is eminent unless we remain very focused on working to contain materials needed for these types of weapons of mass destruction.

This is becoming a difficult task because of the number of countries now possessing nuclear programs and nuclear weapons. Furthermore, there are an increasing number of countries, many hostile to America, trying to get the technology and materials to make nuclear weapons and deliver them long range.

For more on the current state of weapons of mass destruction around the globe, read the article, Nuclear Proliferation Endangers World Stability  HERE. The spread of nuclear weapons capabilities around the globe and other biological, chemical, and radiological weapons of mass destruction are examined closely.