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Missile Defense Quick Links for Monday

April 27th, 2009

>> This weekend the New York Times published a story that highlighted opposing reactions to North Korea’s recent rocket launch. While some considered the launch a failure because the rocket didn’t reach its target, others see the bigger picture: North Korea’s willingness to continue developing and testing its ballistic missile capability.

Missile defense naysayer Philip E. Coyle III said, “The advocates [of missile defense] want to scare people, so they hype the threat.”

Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance president Riki Ellison said, “North Korea has successfully tested a long-range ballistic missile. This success coupled with the North Korean nuclear weapons makes North Korea a nuclear threat.” (NYT)

ABL>> The Missile Defense Agency announced that the Airborne Laser (ABL) prototype aircraft achieved flight certification last week as it returned to Edwards Air Force Base. Called a critical milestone, the ABL integrated aboard a 747 aircraft will provide “speed of light capability” against missiles in the boost phase and other missions. (MDA)

>> RIA Novosti reports that Turkey, a member of NATO, wants to buy S-400 Triumf air defense systems from Russia. An unnamed source implied such a sale would be complicated. NATO and Russia don’t see eye-to-eye on U.S. plans to build missile defense shields in Poland and the Czech Republic.

“We have explained to Turkish officials that S-400 is not just a simple air defense system but an element of strategic missile defenses, which can be placed in one country but protect the airspace over a number of neighboring countries,” he said. (RIA Novosti)

>> Israel has agreed to supply India with missile defense technology in an effort to boost strategic ties between the two countries. Both countries face missile threats from Muslim countries. India will receive Barak ground-to-air missiles from Israel. (ISN)

Missile Defense Quick Links for Wednesday

December 31st, 2008

Gaza strip**Last Saturday, Israel commenced an air bombing attack on the Hamas-ruled Gaza strip. Riki Ellison, Chairman of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance (MDAA), said the skirmish between the two is evidence that Israel needs a strong missile defense system.

“Israel’s lack of protection of its citizens and nearby cities from a continued year round and recent escalated rocket and missile fire from Hamas in Gaza brought upon the Israeli decision to go to war that has and will continue to kill and destroy people and property in the Gaza Strip,” he said.

Ellison added that the MDAA recently toured the area in Israel under assault and determined that the only missile defense system is an early warning system. (Missile Defense Advocacy)

**UPI reports that Russia is testing a new missile for the S-400 Triumf air defense system. If successful, the system may be the ” most formidable long-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system in the world.” (UPI)

**We’ve blogged about President-Elect Barack Obama’s reticence to go forward with missile defense bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. Defense firms in Arizona are concerned that under Obama, their work will slow down. Defense contracts account for over $12 billion of income to the state. Under President George Bush, firms have seen business double. Of course, if the war in Iraq ends, Arizona and other states will see a slow down. But the U.S. should keep up its missile defense for the sake of national security, war or no war. (The Arizona Republic)

**Defense contractor Boeing has snagged a $397 million contract to continue developing the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense program. This system will use interceptor missiles to shoot down enemy missiles in mid-flight. (AP)